My Slant Box!

I wanted to do this earlier, but throughout this past week, I've been sick :(
 Today was the first day that I actually wanted to do things so I had to post about whats been going on since the start of the school year. Most importantly though, i have to tell you about my August SLANT box. On Tuesday, I received my SLANT box from Mrs. Mathis all the way from Ontario, Canada!

First of all before unveiling anything. I want to thank Renee from Mrs. Mathis' Homeroom for her hard work in putting together this box. Love it!

Here's a picture of my box: 

When I opened the box up, there were a lot of cute items that Renee had put together. Including a little Canada flag pin which is now on my ID badge for school.  

Here are some of the items: 

There were even items for my cat, Crookshanks. She LOVES the treats! 

I really like the mug for my tea that was sent. It's perfect for my desk because my classroom is always soo cold. It's so fitting!  

Finally, my favorite item in the box were some personalized Marshall in the Middle key chains!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

I love my SLANT box! That you again Renee. I also want to thank Jameson at Lessons with Coffee for organizing this! I will definitely be participating in the SLANT box exchange again in the future!!

That's all for now! 

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  1. Yay! I'm so happy you like it! I was really worried the mug would break. I looked everywhere for a pair of fuzzy socks to put in the box, but didn't find anything that I thought you might like. I'm glad you like the keychains! They're made out of Shrinky Dinks! :P

    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom


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